What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

What does a marketing manager do

Marketing is so much more than a means to getting consumers to buy your product or service. From branding to strategizing and everything in between, marketing plays a significant role in your business. That’s why having a marketing manager to assist or captain your marketing initiatives is integral. But what does a marketing manager do? And how can they impact the success of your business?

What is a marketing manager?

Think about your business as it is today. You’ve hired people that are responsible for managing the products and services you offer. You may even have a sales team responsible for generating revenue for your products and services, but do you have someone whose primary role is to develop the best ways to get your product and service in front of your target market? Do you even know who your target market is? If you have a product or service to sell, you’ll need a marketing manager. That’s because a marketing manager plans and executes marketing strategies — with the goal of increasing your revenue.

What are their responsibilities?

A marketing manager looks slightly different for every company. That’s because their role is dependent on your needs. If you’re a new company, your marketing manager may create new strategies that put your name out in front of your target audience and build your brand from the ground up. But, if you’re an established company, your marketing manager may not focus on your brand as much as they focus on identifying new opportunities and increasing your ROI. A marketing manager is responsible for a vast collection of diverse activities, including:

  • Brand positioning and awareness
  • Identifying opportunities to serve your customers better
  • Identifying KPIs and adjusting them as goals change
  • Enhancing ROI
  • Website management
  • Social media management
  • Copywriting and content management
  • Data analytics
  • PR and corporate communications
  • And more

How Marketing Managers Drive Success

Marketing managers are needed in every organization, across every industry — from startups to big corporations. Their primary goal is to ensure your company is reaching its marketing goals. Whether you’re looking to sell more products, reduce no-shows, or improve your reputation, marketing managers identify the problems in your current processes and create a strategy that helps you succeed. Not only that, but they help define what success looks like based on your needs.

Marketing Manager Alternatives

While marketing managers are needed in every business, they may not always be a single person, and you may not directly employ them. The right marketing manager for your company may be a team of professionals working for an outside agency. Having an outsourced team ensures that your marketing manager will never be too overworked or stretched thin to recognize the little details — something that can make all the difference in the success of your business. Instead of one person trying to manage your social accounts, identify KPIs, update your website, and create new ads, you’ll have several people committed to each task. Outsourcing your marketing management also eliminates the need to hire full-time employees and all the associated costs of the hiring process. Instead, you can solely pay for the services you need while achieving your growth goals.

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