Brand Launch

A Letter From Our CEO:

The Allegrow Evolution


Friends and Colleagues,

I started our agency in 2009 with a passion for crafting compelling stories — stories that catapult companies from the best-kept local secrets to regional and national power players.

Over the last decade, The Symphony Agency has played an integral part in many growth stories. We’ve partnered with entrepreneurs and executives — who have built incredible companies based on reputation alone — to scale their organizations to unprecedented levels of success. Our partnership and modernization plans helped them amplify their impact, profitability, and market value, and transform culture for their teams.

Together, we navigated the path to growth through innovative branding, culture evolution, strategic recruitment, and forward-thinking marketing. We’ve been so engrossed in our partners’ growth that we haven’t talked about our own — until now!

I’m thrilled to share that today we redraw the starting line for our company as Allegrow, The Business Modernization Agency.

Why We’re Changing

We tell our partners that a brand should never shift just to mix things up. It must align with an authentic and significant organizational change.

At our company’s inception, internet marketing was a relatively new concept, and we found our stride in digital marketing. But as we grew, our partners wanted to know how we had grown our own company.

What cultural initiatives did we implement for an all-remote team? How did we handle recruitment and training? Could we help them build a brand that attracts both loyal customers and top talent?

A Different Kind of Agency

The practices we’d adopted were desperately needed by our partners to successfully scale fast. As we answered these questions, four key areas of modernization emerged: branding, recruitment, marketing, and culture. We also emerged — as a different kind of agency.

When these four elements aligned, our partners’ ability to scale no longer felt unattainable. In fact, it allowed many of them to reach their five-year goals in less than three. And with that kind of impact, we knew it was time to realign our own brand to achieve the same results.

Allegrow: Homage to Our Musical Roots

Allegrow — a nod to the musical term ‘Allegro,’ meaning fast and bright — felt like the perfect tribute to our Symphony legacy. The extra “w” at the end? That’s for our focus on fast growth. It’s what we do best. Allegrow embodies who we are today, and who our partners are — quick, vibrant, and future-ready.

Though we are rebranding, we’re still the same smart, approachable team you’ve known. We remain committed to collaboration, transparency, and excellence in all we do. I sincerely thank you for being the best part of our journey, and am looking forward to creating even greater impact together!

Lauren Signature