How It Works

Hit the Ground Running

Using Our 4-Step Process

The Allegrow Sprint

Our Rapid Modernization Process

Allegrow walks your company through the modernization process fast, so you can quickly grow and make an impact.

Mark - Claim Your Lane



Claim your lane.

We guide you to clarify your brand, align strategy, define goals, and outline your modernization plan.

  • Brand Audits
  • Growth Workshops
  • Action Plans

Set - Prepare to take off



Prepare to take off.

We implement your modernization plan across Branding, Recruitment, Marketing, and Culture.

  • Brand & Web Development
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Recruitment & Retention

Go - Sprint after your goals



Sprint after your goals.

We run alongside you, as you clear tall hurdles and achieve audacious growth goals.

  • Product Launches
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations

Pace - Clock Your Progress



Clock your progress.

We measure your success by analyzing data to ensure optimal results.

  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Ongoing Strategic Support

How We Track Your Success

Reporting Actionable Business Data

Consulting & Delivery

Consulting & Delivery

Dynamic data reporting and analytics.

Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder Feedback

Internal and external stakeholder feedback via reviews and surveys.

Audits & Reviews

Audits & Reviews

Communications audits and competitive reviews.

Tracking Software

Tracking Software

Tracking technology keeps a constant pulse on progress.


266% Growth in EBITA, 71% in Sales

How Sonas Achieved Success

Today, Sonas is one of the largest home health care providers in Florida, but not long ago, they faced huge challenges. They needed to align their four merging brands and cultures. Beyond that, they needed a farsighted partner to help them modernize their entire organization, so they could retain both talent and patients, after they walked in the door.

Allegrow quickly analyzed the challenges across their four companies’ identities, processes, customers, and cultures. To keep pace in a competitive market, they tailored a complex solution to unite their brands, spur growth, and boost recruitment and retention.

  • Content & Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Video Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Patient Dashboards
  • Associate Portal

Sonas Growth Increased

266% in EBITA



71% in Sales


in Sales

300% in Website Traffic


in Website Traffic

83% in LinkedIn Sessions


in LinkedIn Sessions